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Grow Your Own Herbs Kit

Growing all kinds of herbs has never been this quick & easy. What’s included:
  • 12 Herbs seeds varieties – Botanicals, for Cooking, Remedies & Medicines, Homemade Skincare; – approximately 15,000 seeds!
  • Sowing and Growing instructions
  • Large letter postal box (low shipping fees)
OUR BEST VALUE GARDENING KIT everything you need to start growing your own fresh herbs!

Grow Your Own Veggies

Go ahead & indulge that ‘green’ thumb! Plant & grow your own vegetables at home using the Garden Pack 20 Vegetable Variety Pack. What’s included:
  • 20 vegetable varieties – approximately 8,000 veggie seeds;
  • Sowing and Growing instructions;
OUR BEST VALUE GARDENING KIT to save money, reduce your carbon footprint & celebrate the natural powers of plants with your own vegetable plants & seeds.